Our History


Woody's Access LLC was formed in 2002, and has served a broad array of customers' needs in the construction industry ever since. 

Our key personnel have been in the construction supply business for as much as forty-five years, our "youngest" with a minimum of twenty years' tenure. Our key areas of supply have been in scaffolding—of all kinds—and in the area known as "High-reach Access." 

Our experience in scaffolding ranges from Frame Type (which includes frames, braces, wood, steel and aluminum scaffold planks, stairways, guard rails, casters as well as Tube and Clamp—which was a system used in industrial plants prior to the introduction of Systems Scaffold). 

During the late 1970's, the first Systems Type scaffolding was introduced to the USA and Canada, and our senior personnel was directly involved in its introduction. Since then, Systems Scaffold has become the most effective type of scaffolding for the industrial marketplace and has seen continued rapid expansion in the years since its introduction. 

Systems Scaffold is made of various sizes of vertical and horizontal members along with braces, wood, steel and aluminum scaffold planks, stairways, and casters; it is often used in conjunction with Tube and Clamp scaffolding.

High-reach Access includes scissor-lifts, boom-lifts and fork lifts. In many instances these products have replaced scaffolds as a quicker and safer way to get the workman to his workplace.  

We, at Woody's Access specialize in all of these categories and have the personnel on staff to help you solve any access problems you may have with our broad experience and available inventory.