Boom Lifts

We have used Boom Lifts for sale in several configurations. Call us for any and all of your Boom Lift needs. We ship anywhere, to you.

Generally, Boom Lifts are made in two configurations; those with telescopic or straight (sometimes called "stick") booms and those with articulating (sometimes called "knuckle") booms. Each in its unique configuration allows access to otherwise hard to reach places in a safer, more mobile and more adaptable manner.

Telescoping Boom Lifts incorporate aerial work platforms with extendable, telescoping boom sections used to reach high work areas and areas where horizontal access is required, via the outreaching boom and platform.

Articulating Boom Lifts incorporate aerial work platforms and are designed with multiple boom sections that articulate and adapt to otherwise unreachable areas—maneuver your platform over or around obstacles to access the work area safely and efficiently.

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